Current Alerts

Priority vs. Standard Overnight

Recently we have begun offering Standard Overnight as an option when shipping to a hub. While Priority and Standard generally arrive at the hub at the same time in the mornings please be aware that because Standard Overnight is a step down it does get sorted second, and could be delayed until closer to the 5PM commitment time listed on the label. You may need to make your receipient aware of this to avoid confusion, or appear that you have been missleading.

!!!NO INSURANCE AVAILABLE!!! Monday, 2/26/2024, No Live Shipping Insurance Available- See weather Alerts!

!!!NO INSURANCE AVAILABLE!!! Monday 2/26/2024 No Live Shipping Insurance Available!

Due to uncertainty in respect to  FedEx no live insunce is available. Any live shipments are considered high risk to the animal, and could experince major unforseen delays. 

We appriciate your patience, and care for the safety of your animals!


Please remember all communication from any All Pro Shipping employee will always come from a (303) or (720) area code, or an email address. If you doubt the call please ask for the name and hang up. You can then call us back at (303) 730-2125 and verify that we were trying to reach you. We will never call demanding money or make threatening remarks.

Ship Like A Pro!

View current FedEx Service Disruptions.

1. Avoid shipping anything live on Mondays and Thursdays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays remain the safest shipping days FedEx-wise. 

2. Do not call FedEx! Call or email us directly with any issues. FedEx has ZERO liability on live shipments, no matter what FedEx customer service might tell you!

3. Our On Time and Live Arrival Insurance is the only way to protect yourself when shipping live animals through FedEx. Only certain shipments are eligible for insurance coverage. Any uninsured shipments are at the shipper's own risk. 

3. No handwarmers, ever. Handwarmers and heat packs with durations less than 40 hours kill animals. 

4. Using any heat pack in a box smaller than ~12x9x6 can easily kill animals.

5. Using any heat pack when temps at either the origin or destination are 70F or above can easily kill animals.

If you are dealing with straddling temps or have any concerns whatsoever, contact us for recommendations!

Thank you!